January 1, 2011

Prayer Khusyu'

in Arabic, the word khusyu 'has the meaning of the word khudu' which has meaning: fear, tawadu ', submissive, quiet, and humble themselves. In Al qur'an, at least more than 17 times mentioned with various meanings.

According to the terms, prayer khusyu 'is a prayer that maintain sobriety with tawadu attitude' and humble themselves and sincerity necessary only because of Allah SWT that the prayer is done with a calm, unhurried, and tuma'ninah. This condition will be realized, if a person prepare for birth and his inner first. Outwardly, prepare yourself with good hygiene and clothing of a conducive place. Inwardly, realizing that he was a lowly servant, full of sin, and no power will be dealing directly with the Lord who created and gave life.

Virtues of Prayer Khusyu '
Just pray that worked with khusyu 'that can imprint on themselves a Muslim. Prayer can prevent from all shameful and unjust deeds of wrath of Allah SWT. Surely it is not easy to pray khusyu ', but we must continue to do everything we can to continue to pray and motivate yourself with virtues that Allah give to someone who khusyu' in his prayer. The virtue which Allah gave to people who khusyu 'prayers are as follows:
1. Obtaining forgiveness from Allah SWT
2. Get peace of mind
3. Inherit paradise paradise
4. Intercede in the yaumil akhir
5. Allah SWT will give you light

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