June 25, 2011

The Patient

When switching on the mountain, a Bedouin (village) once found an old man who was blind and that seems to suffer from various diseases through his body. It is clear he was unhappy. He even paralyzed and has been forced to remain seated. Bedouin is clearly heard, "Praise be to Allah who made ​​me free from the disease for which he tested many of its creation, and He loved me for many of them that He created ".

"My brother!" The Bedouin exclaimed. "What have you saved? By Allah, I think you have suffered with every single type of disease!"

"Depart from me," said the old man as he raised his head. "Do I still have a language with which I could pronounce his unit, and with what I can remember him every time and I 'have not a heart that I know? "

The words of the parents is sufficient for the Bedouins to repent to God for his sins and ask forgiveness.

Remember, there are always others who are in more trouble than you.
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June 23, 2011

The Best Thing is Have Best Friends

There are many things to say about friendship. Over the years, people relied on their friends and their friendship for comfort and support, and sometimes, tough love. After all, not everyone turned to their friends when they need someone to talk? Sometimes, people who you become friends with a tighter and more expensive than some family members you have.
Friends make you laugh when you feel sad and they encourage you when you have the blues. They lend an ear when you need it, and they give you a shoulder to cry on when the tears will not stop coming. This is how important friends. In this world, people appreciate the friendship they had, so much so that there are quotes of friendship and the countless, and greet all emphasize the virtues and values ​​have good friends in your life.
Some quotes about friendship to talk about how friends should be treated and how you should be treated as a friend. There are a few quotes that illustrate the longevity of friendship and what you should do to make them last longer. If you value your friends and close ties to share, try to read a quote of friendship and shared with dear friends who will surely appreciate them even more. The world can be a difficult place to live in what with all the problems and issues that arise from time to time, but it is good friends with you will definitely make life easier.
Nothing beats having a set of friends is really great to be there to support you when you need it and bring you back to earth if necessary. Good friends rarely so relevant that you all do their best to maintain the friendship, or you may miss each other. Contrary to popular belief, your friends should be treated and will not be used and misused because it will make you the parasite and not a good friend who you all think you are.
We often forget our friends when we change the college moved to another city or staying with family, but friends are the ones that you can always fall back on bad times. So remember them in good times as well, and this quote friendship will remind you all the good friends you have in your life. Join our Friendship page on Facebook.
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June 21, 2011

Islamic Hotel and Tour Worldwide

Jakarta - Holiday before Ramadan around the world, is now used by several countries to enjoy the arrival of Muslim tourists. Start packages that offer kosher, halal, halal products to deliver.

To meet the coming holiday period before and during Ramadan, some countries are preparing to welcome the arrival of Muslims, especially in the Middle East. Halal Tourism is triggered also by the many tourists that the Middle East every year according to data revenue accounted for 12 billion dollars each year for tourism.

As quoted from MiddleEast.com, a study says that 88% of Arab tourists say they want to live in an Islamic hotel during the trip, the holidays. This triggered some shady hotel owner who westernized bars and pubs to change something they nuanced and have a touch of the Middle East. Suppose you replace it with a cafe or restaurant is halal food service and beverages.

"Our hotel does not provide halal food and drinks We try to respect the beliefs and culture of every society, including Muslim .. It is therefore more sensitive to Muslim tourists to understand, explain Dere Markus, CEO of Rotana Dubai Arjaan.

No half-hearted in addition to providing halal food and beverages, the hotel also provides adequate facilities for the needs of Muslims. Let's say that the provision of prayer space, halal minibar and TV broadcasting programs of Islam certain facilities.

Even some hotels also have changed the management of sharia. If they accept guests have very strict rules, where women and men who marry a letter. Some hotels in Dubai said they had done this sharia management. Let us say that by setting aside 2.5% of their income to be donated to charity.

Kosher Halal hotel and tourism growth are considered to get a good reception is not only tourists from the Middle East, but tourists from all over the Muslim world.
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June 9, 2011

Surprise, Page Rank 1

So long not check this blog, because i was making new blog and taking care of it, it is Haen's Note. Two weeks a g, i checked it accidentally and i was surprise, i didn't think if this blog get page rank 1. Actually i was very happy, because so long i had been waiting it.

 This is information about the page rank of my blog
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