June 25, 2011

The Patient

When switching on the mountain, a Bedouin (village) once found an old man who was blind and that seems to suffer from various diseases through his body. It is clear he was unhappy. He even paralyzed and has been forced to remain seated. Bedouin is clearly heard, "Praise be to Allah who made ​​me free from the disease for which he tested many of its creation, and He loved me for many of them that He created ".

"My brother!" The Bedouin exclaimed. "What have you saved? By Allah, I think you have suffered with every single type of disease!"

"Depart from me," said the old man as he raised his head. "Do I still have a language with which I could pronounce his unit, and with what I can remember him every time and I 'have not a heart that I know? "

The words of the parents is sufficient for the Bedouins to repent to God for his sins and ask forgiveness.

Remember, there are always others who are in more trouble than you.


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