January 26, 2011

American Billionaire Embrace Islam

Mark Shaffer name. He has become Muslim declared on Saturday, October 17th, 2009 ago. At that time Mark was a trip to Saudi Arabia to visit some famous cities like Riyadh, Najran, and Jeddah for 10 days.

Mark is a famous miliader and seasoned lawyers in Los Angeles, United States, particularly related to civil law. The last major case handled is associated with the famous American pop singer Michael Jackson, a week before he died.

According to his testimony, which inspired her to convert to Islam is a powerful personal incentive to know Islam. And after reading the correct information about him, he is convinced that Islam is true religion.

Actually, Mark had had little knowledge about Islam. And when he was in Saudi Arabia and witnessed the lives of the Muslims, especially when they pray in congregation, the urge to go deeper Islam is getting stronger.

A tour guide who accompanied Mark for 10 days in Arabia, Ben Nasir Dhawi witness Mark Shaffer Islamic journey. Ben Nasher told that Mark began to wonder to her about Islam since I first set foot in Arabia.

Arriving in Saudi, Mark stayed in Riyadh for two days. During that time, Mark is very concerned with Islam.

After the Riyadh, Mark moved to Najran, continues to Abha and Al-Ula. It was there that his interest in Islam is very visible. At that time, he was a trip into the desert.

There, he saw three young Saudi who was praying with him over the expanse of a vast desert. What an amazing sight for him.

He saw three young Saudi who was praying with him over the expanse of a vast desert.What an amazing sight for him.

Ben Nasher continued his story, "After two days in Al-Ula, we, went to Al-Juf. Upon arrival at Al-Juf, Mark asked to look for books about Islam. Then I gave some books on Islam. All books are read out by Mark. The next morning, she asked me to teach prayer. sayapun teach prayer and how to perform ablution '. Then he went to pray on my side. "

After attending prayers with him, Mark felt very at ease his soul. A pleasure that can not be imagined.

Thursday afternoon, Mark and guidenya left Al-Ula to the city of Jeddah. During the trip he looks very serious reading books about Islam. And on Friday morning, they visited the old city of Jeddah.

After attending prayers with him, Mark felt very at ease his soul. A pleasure that can not be imagined.

Before the Friday prayer time comes, they go back to the hotel. Ben Nasher asked for permission for Friday prayers. At that time Mark wanted to go with him for Friday prayers in order to see what was the Friday prayer. "Welcome ...," said Ben Naher with spirit.

"We then went to a mosque not far from our hotel in Jeddah. Because a little late, I and some congregational prayers outside the mosque because the congregation who mebludak. Visible Mark observe congregational especially after Friday prayers finished, they greet each other by shaking hands bright and cheerful face. Mark increasingly impressed with these views, "said Ben Nasher.

After returning to the hotel, all of a sudden Mark Nasher told Ben about his desire to convert to Islam. Ben Nasher was greeted with joy, "Silahakan you shower first," he advised.

After bathing, Ben Nasher guiding creed Mark utter two sentences and then prayed sunnah two cycles. After that, Mark expressed his wish to visit the Grand Mosque in Mecca and pray there before he left Saudi Arabia.

To be able to enter the city of Mecca and the Grand Mosque, accompanied by Ben Nasher Mark went to the office of Da'wah and Ershad in the area of Al-Hamro 'Jeddah to take formal evidence has become Muslim. Then Mark was given temporary certificate of conversion to Islam. Because some members of the crew who followed Mark's visit to Saudi Arabia have had to return to America Sabtunya afternoon. Al-Hamdullah, Ustadz Muhammad Turkistani willing to deliver to the land of forbidden Mark Mecca that very morning.

Mark Related visits to the Grand Mosque, Ustazd Muhammad Turkistani told, "after Mark Islam while we also obtain the certificate directly went to the Grand Mosque noble. When he saw the Grand Mosque, was once her face is very bright and emit a tremendous joy. When we go into in the Grand Mosque and the Kaaba witnessed, his excitement grew. By Allah, I could not express the views of the oral will. After he tawaf around the Kaaba is noble, we are praying sunnah and then out of the Haram Mosque. I saw that Mark was hard to separate from the Haram Mosque. "

After Mark announce become Muslim, he had expressed happiness at the Al-Riyadh newspaper said, "I can not express my feelings at this time. Now I've been born again and my life just started ..." Mark added, "I am very happy. Happiness is me I feel unable to express to you when I visited the Grand Mosque and the Kaaba is noble. "

Mark added, "I am very happy. The happiness that I feel I can not express to you when I visited the Grand Mosque and the Kaaba is noble."

After becoming Muslim, Mark was determined it would be seriously studied Islam and will return to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj.

Sunday Morning 18 Okteber 2009, Mark left the King Abdul Aziz Airport in Jeddah for America. Before leaving Jeddah, when filling fomulir immigration, Mark lists his religion is ISLAM.

Goodbye my brother. . . may Allah always take care of you and picked you to be ambassadors of Islam in America. May God bestow guidance to the American people through your hands. Opening the eyes of the heart through because you are the leader of your country


  1. Maybe he will do his fellow americans a favor and blow himself up somewhere in the arab world for the greater glory of allah.

    What an idiot!

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