January 17, 2011

Create a video to wallpaper

Are you bored with your current desktop background?

You want your desktop background in a video?

Windows dream scene is a feature that is on windows vista and windows 7, with this feature we can use our favorite videos as desktop background.

This time I'll share my knowledge how to make a video as your desktop background for Windows 7.
1. Download windows dream scene here windowsdreamscene
2. Then install windows dream scene
3. Type aero on starmenu, so exit this menu
4. Click the "find and fix problems with transparency and other visual effects
5. Fix any problems found on your transparency feature
6. Make sure all problems are fixed
7. Click "enable or disable the transparent glass on windows"
8. Activate the feature transparent by providing a check on "enable transparency"
9. Now windows dreamscene has been active
10. Search videos that you like (just formatted. mpg and. wmv)
11. Right click on the video and click "set as desktop background"
12. Now you change your desktop background with your favorite videos
"Good luck!"

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