January 16, 2011

Increase Traffic Easily

Confused to promote your website / blog? EasyHits4U is one of its solutions, in addition you can promote your website using manual surf programs, you can also get one more advantage to Earn Money. Wait do not forget do not forget you can also use Geo Targeting here is to focus you traffic.

1:1 Traffic Exchange

EasyHits4U is a manual traffic with a ratio (2:1 every 15sec) and (1:1 every 20 sec) .. 1 credit = 1 visit eashit4u To start this program, you simply do signup and registration in accordance with the procedure, you can click the banner above.

How to make money from Easyhit4u?

You can generate dollars from this program, although not much. Well how you can look for referrals and referrals each surf the website at least have to do 100 and you will get $ 0.1 for each of his referrals .. and also $ 0.3 for every 1000 websites you visit. Interesting is not it!

For payment you will get by using paypal and alertpay with a minimum payment of $ 3.00, payment will be made within 5-7 business days.

Still confused with Easyhit4u you can simply visit the website or less yakn EasyHits4U not pay your money Paymeny Proof of Easyhit4u

immediately register your blog or website ...


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