March 1, 2011

Doctor from German Embrace Islam

In the appearance, Kai Luhr looks very different. Kai who sujud between the other men that use tunik white shirt when he was bowing into Mecca, he was looked clean with neat hair style. He wore jeans and gray jacket.

Maybe he looked suitable to came in church meeting. He looked clearly, he knew how to do five time prayer. He also did ruku’ and sujud with pray in Arabic. “ Allah is listen people who praise to Allah”, sujud, rise up, ruku’ again, till last tahiyat sit-in.

Kai luhr is a practice doctor in German. He moved to embrace Islam with his wife two years ago. At the time he changed his name with Kai Ali Rashid, and his wife changed to Katrin Aisha Luhr.

The Couple ever appeared on interview on TV. On interview, Katrin Luhr said that before got guidance to embraced Islam, she felt that her soul was empty. She confess went to church to church but she didn’t get the answer. Now she declare that never feel happy like now than before, and also the answer from questions in her mind. She also enjoy that every change is usefull after she embraced Islam.

While Kai Luhr say that he have big impression with his logic nature characteristic and rational from the answer which he got after he embraced Islam.

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