April 30, 2011


did you ever have a best friends???
Actually all of you ever have a best friend, someone who care to you, someone who always be there for you, and when every time you want they are always be there for you where ever you go.
But, did u ever feel that your friends have same feeling as you???
what will you do when your friends the actually not care to you yet???
Exactly you'll feel so sad, you will feel alone. It's so hard, but friend not only their. There are so much people who care to you. Don't be sad cause friends like that. They are not good for you.

Sometimes i think, why did i get friends like that??
It's not my mistake....
I forget all of memory about that..

Now i have a lot of good friends, who always be there for me, always give me motivation to go on. I'm lucky, i'm happy.....
Thank's a lot to all my friends that still care to me...

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